Tamara: Journal for Critical Organization Inquiry

Creating a Community of Critically Reflexive Feminist Scholars

Eriksen, Matthew Chaves, Wanda Hope, Angela Dugal, Sanjiv

Saint Mary's University | Department of Management College of Business Administration University of Rhode Island


In this paper, the authors explain and display their process for becoming more critically reflexive scholars (Cunliffe, 2003). This is accomplished through creating a community of critically reflexive scholars. Within this community of inquiry (Eriksen, 2001), participants attempt to go beyond a simple awareness of their ontological and epistemological assumptions and to reflex upon their individual uniqueness as a human being who is engaged in scholarship. In other words, each participant jointly attempts to understand his or her self as a scholar. Specifically, in this article, the authors critically reflex upon their selves within the context of their roles as feminist scholars. The process of inquiry consists of ongoing four stages: giving an account of one's self with respect to a particular area of scholarship, reading everyone else's account, and responding to reading each others account, and finally sharing these responses with one another. Through this process, the authors not only became more critically reflexive scholars but were also personally transformed and obtained a deeper understanding of feminism.


Czasopismo Tamara: Journal for Critical Organization Inquiry 
Tom 6 
Numer 4 
Data wydania 2007 
Typ Article 
Język eng
Paginacja 222-240
ISSN 1532-5555