Tamara: Journal for Critical Organization Inquiry

In the Wings: On the Possibility of Theatrical Space

Steyaert, Chris Meisiek, Stefan Hopfl, Heather Hjorth, Daniel Hansen, Hans Bille, Dorthe

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This text inquires in a poetic way the possibility of theatrical space by exploring the question "what space makes theatre possible?". The central argument is that threatre creates an intensive yet fragile space of possibility and the possible through creating affects. The text, written in between a prelude and an epilogue, approaches this space of desire and intensity indirectly by exploring the perspective of audience, actors and "angels" as they are seized by desire and awaiting the play in the wings. We argue through interweaving these three angles that every play presupposes a twilight zone, a connecting boundary which forms a transition into the magical where dream and desire can take over, where the virtual and the everyday can become connected and where new lines of flight might emerge. The aesthetic experience of theatre is characterised by participating in a clearing of openness where truth happens and where its practical implications might be heard. There is no change possible without engaging with the open-endedness when entering the wings of theatre.


Czasopismo Tamara: Journal for Critical Organization Inquiry 
Tom 5 
Numer 3 
Data wydania 2006 
Typ Article 
Język en
Paginacja 93-98
ISSN 1532-5555