Zeszyty Programu TOP 15

Analysis of legal and social aspects of the functioning of E-prescription in poland against the background in selected countries

Łukasiak, Konstancja

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The development and popularisation of modern Information and Communication Technologies
continue to have considerable impact on the functioning of a wide range of our daily life, particularly
when it comes to such an important sector as healthcare. The electronic medical records,
e-prescriptions or on-line medical consultations are merely a few practical application of ICT in this scope.
The article shows how the process of the e-prescription is being implemented in Poland and the
conditioning of the various legal and social aspects. Moreover, it challenges an analysis of legal
regulations concerning functioning of the e-prescription in Poland in comparison to the solutions
developed and accepted in other countries. The article uses example of the experience of
e-prescription in the European Union, as well as a chosen country from outside the EU.
The objective of this article is an attempt to evaluate if the solutions developed and applied in Poland
are more effective and safer in comparison to those functioning in other countries, or if it would
be more beneficial to explore the experience of the models in use in the analysed countries and
consider to implement in Poland some aspects of these solutions.


Journal Zeszyty Programu TOP 15 
Volume 10 
Issue date 2018 
Type Article 
Language eng
Pagination 137-152