Tamara: Journal for Critical Organization Inquiry

Corporate life and the imagination: The place of unconscious processes in the world of business

Russell, David B.

University of Western Sydney

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The question giving shape to this paper is: Can the workplace in today's corporate world ever be constructed, legitimately, as a psychological place? This paper will argue that it is the responsibility of the individual to engage their imaginative processes and learn the art of soul making. The corporation may encourage its members to be creative and imaginative but mostly its activities will militate against these activities. Reference will be made to a research project for a major production site (BP Oil Australia) that evaluated an espoused psychological goal (improved production and improved creativity) as its outcome. The author conducted the evaluation of this leadership development initiative that shed light on the vexed question that is the focus of this paper. The findings of the research indicate that corporate life has evolved into a totally above-world enterprise where transparency of decision making, policy planning, and implementation is the sought-after ideal. This very conscious and heroic-ego world roots out any semblance of under-world (unconscious) forces.


Journal Tamara: Journal for Critical Organization Inquiry 
Volume 6 
Issue 1 
Issue date 2007 
Type Article 
Language en
Pagination 58-64
ISSN 1532-5555