Central European Management Journal

HRM challenges in Slovakia generated by the Covid-19 pandemic

Szeiner, Zsuzsanna Juhasz, Tımea Hevesi, Endre Poor, Jozsef

J Selye University, Komarno, Slovakia | Budapest Business School

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Purpose – The article analyzes the challenges Slovak businesses and organizations are facing in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting human resource management solutions they apply.
Design/methodology/approach – The authors present a part of their research conducted in six Central Eastern European (CEE) countries. Based on timely data, the article presents socioeconomic characteristics of Slovakia and the results of the research “HRM Challenges in Times of the Covid-19 Crisis” conducted among employers in Slovakia. The survey method encompassed 247 Slovakian organizations.
Findings – The year 2020 was an extraordinary one for businesses, governments, and individuals alike. According to the results of this research, Slovak organizations were not prepared for the Covid-19 crisis. Respondents who had a pandemic action plan at the time of the breakout were hardly found. Measures taken to preserve human health directly impacted the way how work is done and organized. This poses significant challenges for both employers and employees. In general, small organizations used cost and staff reduction tools. On the other hand, some of the respondents, mainly large organizations have been using future-oriented solutions, e.g. organizational development.
Originality/value – In this research the authors analyzed the experiences of a Central European country, namely Slovakia. However, the experiences gained and collected here can be useful in the international arena as well.


Journal Central European Management Journal 
Volume 31 
Issue 2 
Issue date 6/2023 
Type Article 
Language eng
Pagination 258-273
DOI 10.1108/CEMJ-12-2021-0159
ORCID 10.1108/CEMJ-02-2022-0024
ISSN 2658-0845
eISSN 2658-2430