Tamara: Journal for Critical Organization Inquiry

Constructing leadership identities through stories

Hersted, Lone Frimann, Søren

Aalborg University, Denmark

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This article analyzes the construction of leadership identities through stories found in four narrative interviews from a qualitative study and leadership development project based on social constructionism and action learning. We argue that leadership development and the construction of leadership identities in a postmodern paradigm are based on the negotiation and co-construction of meanings, relationships, and stories. The following questions are investigated: What happens when a group of leaders from different organizations construct, deconstruct, and reconstruct their identity as leaders through narrative interviews about their challenges as leaders? In addition, how do these discursive constructions restrict or enable new perspectives, other voices, and the possibilities for learning and change? Our analysis identified traces of both modern and postmodern leadership discourses. We suggest that the concept of coauthoring is useful in developing leadership and leadership identities through reflexive dialogs and emerging stories.


Czasopismo Tamara: Journal for Critical Organization Inquiry 
Tom 14 
Numer 4 
Data wydania 2016 
Typ Article 
Język en
Paginacja 149-162
ISSN 1532-5555