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The Influence of USA TV News on American’s Mental Health: Two Years After the Terrorist Attack on the World Trade Center

Adamczyk, Aleksandra

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This paper examines the role of the media during the terrorist attacks on 11th September 2001 on the World Trade Center. It focuses on television news in the USA, which has been reporting tragedies since September 11. The article describes the influence the media had on society and how it garnered public support for a policy against terrorists. This evaluation bases on a number of surveys and a comparison of similar situations prior to 9/11. The paper shows that there is a fine line between the good and bad side of the media. It reveals that TV news presents too many violent images and proves that sometimes consequences cannot be so easily simplified. Americans suffer from mental illnesses because of these images. This proves that the media has serious advantages but disadvantages too. The paper gives data and figures which help us understand why spending a lot of time watching TV news can cause health problems.


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