Central European Management Journal

The well-being of female administrative staff in managerial positions in Polish Higher Education Institutions

Gorak-Sosnowska, Katarzyna Piwowar-Sulej, Katarzyna

Warsaw School of Economics | Wroclaw University of Economics

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Purpose – The aim of the paper is to theoretically and empirically explore the issue of well-being (WB) of female administrative employees who work on managerial positions at higher education institutions (HEIs).
Design/methodology/approach – This study is based on both literature studies and explorative empirical research conducted in Poland with the use of snowball sampling. It adopted a questionnaire authored by Parker and Hyett and covered 121 respondents.
Findings – Literature studies show that invisibility of work, low level of empowerment, increased stress, workload and expectations, reduced resources, high level of anxiety, fatigue and low level of vitality negatively impact the WB of HEIs’ administrative staff. The presented research provides insight into the internal structure of the administrative staff’s WB. Both the main construct (i.e. employees’ WB) and its subconstructs are on moderate level. Respondents’ age and tasks performed are correlated only with the subconstruct of WB
in the form of intrusion of work into private life.
Research limitations/implications – Although the research is not based on large sample, it provides both practical and theoretical implications.
Originality/value – Most of studies discuss the issue of WB of scholars. The paper fills the research gap in terms of examining female administrative employees who work on managerial positions at HEIs.


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Data wydania 6/2023 
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DOI 10.1108/CEMJ-12-2021-0151
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