Central European Management Journal

Innovative Models of Supply Chain Management

Antonowicz, Mirosław Jarzębowski, Sebastian

Kozminski University

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Purpose: The paper scientifically analyzes sustainable development in the context of economic entities and their integration in supply chains that reflect the various business models between parties involved in value creation.

Methodology: The authors seek the relationship between three aspects of sustainability and limitation of the functional weaknesses of the market through the integration of supply chains that reflect various business models. The paper bases on a survey conducted to identify interests of the companies in integrating innovations for greater sustainability.

Findings: The integration of supply chain is one of the reasons for using or limiting the functional weaknesses of the market related to the three sustainability aspects pictured by the concept of sustainability as environmental, social, and economic resources. Different forms of integration may contribute to the maintenance and enhancement of these resources.

Limitations: To clarify the influence of the supply chain integration on sustainable development, scholars need to conduct further research. The main point of the future research should be the development of a measure for the extent of influence of the supply chain integration on sustainable development.

Originality: The connecting of the integration of supply chain and sustainability is a new direction of scientific research that has previous studies. Thus, the research outcomes will impact the scientific field and community in both the area of supply chain management and sustainability studies. Keywords: innovation, business model, sustainable supply chain, integration


Journal Central European Management Journal 
Volume 26 
Issue 2 
Issue date 2018 
Type Article 
Language en
Pagination 2-15
DOI 10.7206/jmba.ce.2450-7814.225
ISSN 2658-0845
eISSN 2658-2430