Central European Management Journal

Agility Versus Flexibility? The Perception of Business Model Maturity in Agricultural Machinery Sector Manufacturing Companies

Bogdan Nogalski Przemysław Niewiadomski Agnieszka Szpitter

WSB University in Gdańsk | The University of Zielona Góra | University of Gdansk

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Purpose: The fundamental objective of this article is to discern whether business model maturity is perceived through the prism of the ability to deal with unexpected challenges, overcome unprecedented threats, and use emerging business opportunities (agility) or – perhaps – more as a feature of the organization, which makes a business model less vulnerable to unpredictable external changes or sets it in a better position to make it respond effectively to these changes (flexibility).

Methodology: The reconnaissance of opinions requires the creation of a catalog of desiderata that significantly identify agility and flexibility. Theoretical and design layers will use a method of reconstruction and interpretation of the subject literature supported by a discussion within a group of deliberately selected experts. This will be reflected in a set of parameters, on the one hand, characteristic of the categories of agility and flexibility and, on the other hand, reflecting business model maturity.

Findings: The conducted research allows us to state that mature business models – as implemented by the surveyed companies – are perceived rather through the prism of the strategic ability of enterprises to quickly adapt to unforeseen and sudden changes on the market (agility category).

Originality: The article includes not only academic postulates of agility or flexibility but also practical tips that enable constructing guidelines for decision-makers and managers of the agricultural machinery sector. The study carries a charge of a theoretical and empirical study. It takes into account knowledge and expert experience.


Journal Central European Management Journal 
Volume 28 
Issue 3 
Issue date 10.2020 
Type Article 
Language en
Pagination 57-97
DOI 10.7206/cemj.2658-0845.27
ISSN 2658-0845
eISSN 2658-2430